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100' Paramount Report
Ling • Flounder • Porgies • Trigger Fish!!



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Two good Ling trips Wednesday and Friday!! We had Ling, some Cod and some Flounder on both Ling trips this week. We are fishing very deep for the Ling this time of year, so after a good ride out to the grounds we were not disappointed!! Wednesday's trip was good, Friday's trip even better! On Wednesday, anglers averaged from 8 to 15 per person with high hooks in the twenties. Some catches of note were from Wedensday were: Dennis Stock from Fairfield, NJ had 23 Ling and 2 Flounder, Tim Dickerson from Wanaque had 22 Ling and 2 Flounder, Ray Bryant from South Orange, NJ had 17 Ling and 1 Flounder and Noel Westerlind from Leonardo, NJ had 21 Ling and 2 Flounder.
Friday saw average catches in the 12-20 per person range with high hooks in the 30's. Jeff Schwarz from Lake Hiawatha had an awesome catch with 37 Ling, 2 Flounder and a nice big Fluke (picture) Herb Dinger had 24 Ling, Herb Neuhaus had 29 Ling and 1 Flounder and Mark Adamarek from Garfield, NJ had 33 Ling and 1 Flounder.

Excellent Porgy Fishing The past few trips!!!
Saturday's trip the fishing started out pretty goo, first with Porgy action but not a lot of keepers and then we found the big fish! Unfortunately as we were catching the fish the wind shifted, we lost the spot and by the time we could re-anchor to adjust for the changed conditions the fish had moved on (or we just couldn't find them again) we still ended up with a decent day but it was not what we had hoped or thought it was going to be.

Sunday we returned to the same general area and found those nice big Porgies again, this time holding on to them for the better part of the day! We have also picked at Trigger fish and even some Winter Flounder inshore as well!
Some catches of note from Saturday were: Mike Ayres from West Milford, NJ had 25 Porgies, Archie Stewart from Nutley, NJ had 25 Porgies, Tony Wilcox had 14 Porgies and Jim and Lydia Gladis from MIddletown, NJ combined for 19 Porgies.

Sunday's high hooks were Marat with 43 Porgies, Adam Dietrich from Pennsylvania had 37 Porgies and Joe Williams from Philadelphia had 41 Porgies!

Good Bluefishing Friday and Saturday evenings!

The Paramount started fishing Friday and Saturday nights for Blues this past weekend.

Right now the fish have been VERY big Bluefish, averaging 12-15lbs with the pool winners being in the upper teens to low twenties in weight!! We've also picked up some Bonito on our night trips as well.

Friday's pool winner was Dave Field from Ocean City, NJ with a 17 Bluefish and Saturday's pool winner was Mike Tkacs from Norwood, PA with a monster 21lb Bluefish!

We will be sailing every Friday and Saturday night from 7:30pm till 2:30am as long as the bluefish stay within reach (last year we fished right into November!)

We will be sailing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our Ling Marathons from 6:30am till 5:00pm, spending the entire day fishing exclusively for Ling, Cod and Winter Flounder. We sail every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday on our full day combo trips from 6:30am till 3:30pm, fishing for Porgies, Trigger fish, Fluke, whatever is biting best wherever it is biting while Sea Bass is CLOSED. Sea Bass re-opens October 22nd.

We will be sailing every Friday and Saturday night from 7:30pm till 2:30am as long as the bluefish stay within reach (last year we fished right into November!)