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 100' Paramount Report
Saturday July 26th is SOLD OUT!!
We'll see you Sunday morning July 27th!
Sea Bass/Ling Combo Trips - Ling/Cod Marathons!


7- 20 Report

Paramount Weekend report 7-20

This weekend fishing Sat July 19th and 20th trips on the Paramount, we picked away at Ling and Bass.

Saturday was the better day with high hooks around 15 to 18 Ling and Sea Bass; There was some large Flounder landed as well on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday we had to battle some strong currents. Despite this:

Dan Lee Mantuale NJ had 3 Keeper Sea Bass and 15 Ling.

 Joe Larson Pt Pleasant NJ had 10 Ling and two Bass.

Joe Scotto of Statan Island NY had 3 Sea Bass and 15 Ling. D

on Passeri Toms River NJ had 15 Ling and 2 Sea Bass.

The Paramount will target Sea Bass every trip and later in the day fish for Ling .

Tuesday and Wednesday are set primarily for ling either deep or shallow.

Capt Francis Bogan.

7-14 Paramount Report

by Kirk Davis (Fisherman on board today)


Made it out today at the last minute with a small crowd. Didn't make the boat any money, but it made some people's day. Only had a few showers at sea but the drive home from the boat was more interesting than I like with floods and traffic lights out. Sea basing was tough but ling fishing was excellent with quite a few 3-4lbers in a mix. Also quite a few jumbo flounder came up.

I would up with a sea bass, a jumbo flounder and 55 ling.

Don from Toms River had 2 flounder with a 4 1/2lb pool winner, 3 sea bass, a sea turtle and 42 ling. Yoosuk Lee had a sea bass, a flounder and 39 ling.

Everyone else I spoke to was in the 30s except for Captain Dennis who's catch was doubled by a guy fishing with a upside down rental rod. Thank God, he makes his living finding fish rather than catching them


Sunday July 13 Report

Sunday’s trip on the Paramount was slow for the Sea Bass, but the Ling cooperated well .

 Fishing in 90 ft of water many ling were landed.

The pool winer was Joe Scotto , Staten Island NY with a 3lb Flounder and he also caught 39 Ling .

Jeff Schwartz of Lake Highwater NJ had 41 Ling And a nice Flounder.

Barry Hitzel Syracuse NY had 18 Ling and 2 Seabass .

Larry Baurd and Fred Johnson of Philadelphia Pa ,had 45 Ling .

Large Flounder are starting to show up on the wrecks inshore as well as offshore. There was a scattering of Sea Bass around the boat. You now can keep two Large Flounder per Person. and Yes they are Large!

 Capt. Francis Bogan.

Paramount Sailing Schedule:

Monday & Friday 10 1/2 Hour Combo Marathons
6:30am till 5:00pm every Monday & Friday, starting the day with a drop or two for Sea Bass and then spending the rest of the day fishing for Ling & Cod

Tuesday & Wednesday 10 1/2 Hour Ling & Cod Marathons
6:30am till 5:00pm every Tuesday & Wednesday fishing for Ling & Cod as well as Winter Flounder! We can now keep two Flounder per person so no more throwing back all those big flatties we catch when fishing for Ling!


Daily Combo Trips
6:30am till 3:30pm every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday starting the day with a drop or two for Sea Bass and then spending the rest of the day fishing for Ling & Cod

www.wreckmasters.com • 732-528-2117

Indrek Sahk with his Pool Winning Sea Bass caught on Opening Day, May 19th 2014